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Florida. Is this a workmans comp injury? Florida

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  • Florida. Is this a workmans comp injury? Florida

    What I know of the situation is this:
    The person involved was injured in a car wreck previously and had healed to the point of as good as it gets. In the 2 weeks prior to this reinjury she had begun to exercise on a treadmill to the tune of 5 miles a day after having been inactive for several months. One day at work she leaned sideways and felt a pull that eventually was diagnosed as a reinjury of her previous condition. She had not lifted anything, just leaned intending to pick up a light object. Is it a workman's comp injury just because of where it happened or does there have to be more to it than that?

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    Based solely on what you describe, this would not be a WC injury as defined by law.
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      Thank you for your input.