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  • Nurse case manager Virginia

    Ok i have a question.I have a nurse case manager who is really pushy she keeps pushing me to go back to work even when my doc told her no way he would let me.She has even went so far as to try to get me to change Doctors telling me that the doc i have is not anygood.I have caught her telling me lies and trying to get the doc to change my medical treatment two times.She told me one time that her job was to not believe a word i said to her and get me out of the system as fast as she could.

    Well W/C sent me to another Doc for a secound opionon (please excuse the spelling) she tryed to push that doc into saying that i could return to work and he stated that i could do a setting job after seeing me all of ten i know that my treating doc has the say as to me going to work or not.As i said before he stats that no way is he putting me back to work yet.As i still have problems that have not even been addressed yet.

    So why would the nurse case manager be pushing other doctors to say i can go back to work when she has already been told i cannot.

    Is W/C trying to doctor shop? Thats what it seems like to me but i am new to all this W/C stuff.

    I been out of work for 13 months.Have had two surgerys and still need one more.My employer is not fighting any of the medical issues.

    Please help...

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    You went to see an independent medical examiner for the insurance company, I hate to say it, but thier job is to get you back to work asap! You have the right to see another doctor, for another opinion, to counter act against that opinion. You really, really, really, need to obtain a workers comp attorney! They work on a contengency basis, so you don't pay them a thing, they get a percentage of your award. If you still need another surgery and are not medically stationary, and going back can hurt you, then this is even more reason to obtain legal help! If you refuse to go back to work, once the WC company tells you, that you have to, then they can stop sending you your missed work checks, so please get the help now. As far as the nurse manager goes, she has no say whatsoever!! It is between the doctors, she is to stay out of it! If you go back to work, and you get reinjured, then the company you work for can be liable for this.
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      Another thing you can do is ban the Nurse Case Manager(NCM) from the exam room when you are seeing the doctor. All you have to do is tell her that she is not allowed in the room when you are seeing the doc. After I did that twice she never showed up again at another appointment.


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        But another female must be present in the exam room if you are female.


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          An attorney isn't going to be able to do much at this point but it is always your right to hire one. You don't know what the second opinion will find. It was likely an IME, but it may have been a specialist referral. It is impossible ot tell.

          Just like anything else, some NCM are good, and others are not. If you are having problems with yours, request another. Unfortunately just keeping them out of the exam room doesn't change a thing. It can also be a huge impediment to the whole process and you will have no control or knowledge of what she says then. The whole goal of WC is to get the injured worker back to work, even if light duty. It is rare that someone is so disabled from an injury that they can not perform light duty. If you have been out 13 months, that is somewhat unusual. Have you discussed light duty with the treating doctor?
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