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IN workcomp claim questions Indiana

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  • IN workcomp claim questions Indiana

    Back on Dec 15th 2005 I was injuried at work, ruptured L3?L4 Disc. The 16th of Dec after being in the ER, and having an MRI done I saw my surgon. He suggested Sugury, and the wait for approval from the WC Ins company began. I was approved for Sugury, and under-went that 26 Jan of 2006. During the sugry the surgon noticed I had also had a dorcile tear. I was sent home on bed rest, and 5 days later was admitted to the Hospital for a spinal drain. \

    I continue to have foot drop, and nurve damage. Thus resulting in more problems.

    Seeing that it is going on almost a year, the odds on the nerve damage isn't to good.

    My current work restricts are no lifting greater then 20 lbs with occasinal 40lbs. No continuous walking. Ability to change from sitting to standing to moving posistions. And no possibility of confrontation.

    I must wear a AFO due to the foot drop. My pain level is at a constant 6, spiking above depending on what I do.

    I went to college to work in the field of law enforcement, and that is the career path I followed. However with the no possibility of confrontation it keeps me from doing my career.

    I've heard the term PPI, and know it invovles a percentage. What kind of percentage am I looking at?

    What course of action should I follow?

    Will workmans comp pay to retrain me for another career?

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    As I am not a doctor, I can not tell you what percentage you might be rated. Only a doctor trained in such matters and who has reviewed your full medical history and actually seen you can make that determination. Are you at maximum medical improvement?

    Vocational Rehabilitation is an option if you are unable to return to work as a result of the injury. You would also have to be at MMI for this. If you choose voc, it usually occurs before you get a permanent disability award. If this is something you want to pursue, speak to the carrier.
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