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Fla workmans comp laws Florida

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  • Fla workmans comp laws Florida

    What is the law for construction sub contractors worksman comp. I have been told that its the law that exemptions are only valid on projects that are under $250,000.00. And that no commerical construction company should honor them?

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      (8) "Construction industry" means for-profit activities involving any building, clearing, filling, excavation, or substantial improvement in the size or use of any structure or the appearance of any land. However, "construction" does not mean a homeowner's act of construction or the result of a construction upon his or her own premises, provided such premises are not intended to be sold, resold, or leased by the owner within 1 year after the commencement of construction. The division may, by rule, establish standard industrial classification codes and definitions thereof which meet the criteria of the term "construction industry" as set forth in this section.

      (c) "Employee" includes:

      1. A sole proprietor or a partner who is not engaged in the construction industry, devotes full time to the proprietorship or partnership, and elects to be included in the definition of employee by filing notice thereof as provided in s. 440.05.

      2. All persons who are being paid by a construction contractor as a subcontractor, unless the subcontractor has validly elected an exemption as permitted by this chapter, or has otherwise secured the payment of compensation coverage as a subcontractor, consistent with s. 440.10, for work performed by or as a subcontractor.

      3. An independent contractor working or performing services in the construction industry.

      4. A sole proprietor who engages in the construction industry and a partner or partnership that is engaged in the construction industry.
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