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Is this workmans comp? Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania

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  • Is this workmans comp? Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania

    I am a paramedic, I was recently involved in a traffic accident in a company vehicle while on duty. Subsequently my blood pressure went through the roof and I started having crushing chest pains. My partner began cardiac care protocols and called another ambulance. I was transported to the ER. Now my company wants to 1.)charge me for the transport and 2.) refuse to pay the ER bill because I was not admitted to the hospital. It turned out to be a sternal fracture that was causing the pain. My opinion is regardless of why I was transported/treated it resulted from a work related issue. They said that it was my choice to freak out and run to the ER. When it was actually my partner, also their employee and a medical professional who treated me, called an ambulance, and influenced me to go to the ER. They are say they have no responsibility for cardiac stuff, when under federal law if a firefighter or paramedic dies from a heart attack within four hours of the end of his shift he is deemed to have died in the line of duty. What are my options here?

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    It should be filed with the WC carrier and they will make the decision. WC will cover reasonable and necessary care. Whether it was reasonable and or necessary is a medical opinion nad not really something we can determine via bulletin board.

    As it was not a heart attack, it isn't relevant what would have happened had it been one.
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