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Is this workmen's comp? Missouri

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  • Is this workmen's comp? Missouri

    I reported my hands hurting while working in 1998. The case was closed after I changed the job I was doing which relieved the pain i was having. In 1999 i quit my job while i was 4 months preg and became a stay at home mom for 5 1/2 years. Durning this time i had 2 babies (one in 2001 and one in 2003). My hands never hurt durning my time off. Now I returned to my old job thinking whatever was wrong before must have healed(the one I was doing when i reported my hands hurting). Three weeks on the job and the pain was back and worst then ever! The company sent me to a doctor within the next three days. After at least a month and a half of PT and weekly visits the doctor says im borderline carpal tunnel in both hands and gave perm. restrictions. So now im setting at home without pay. My question is this still a work related injury???

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    Has your doctor said that it is related to your job? Start there. If the doctor says it is related to something else, your claim won't get past the word "Go".

    If your doctor claims it is caused by work, not just symptomatic at work (which I have to say, after so much time has passed and you only returned for 3 weeks is extremely unlikely), file the claim.
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      I hope you filed a new injury report even if it was the same type of injury, then WC should contact you, do not assume the company will report correct injuries to WC, you may have to make some phone calls to WC yourself, my company has lied so many times nobody trusts them, Im still fighting to get gas mileage reimbursement for over a year, this is contractual they just don't want to pay it. my company pays $450 a week if injured on the job and staying at home.
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        Just as a point of clarification, employer's pay for worker's comp insurance. If an employee is injured on the job and receives worker comp benefits, it's the insurance company (or state in some cases) that pays the employee NOT the employer.


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          OP since you are in Missouri, you may want to bookmark this link: . It's an excellent resource that may answer many of your questions.