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Another work-related stress question in California

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  • Another work-related stress question in California

    I am under a lot of stress at work (discrimination, harassment, retaliation), and have been told that lawyers don't take stress cases. I have also been told by people to quit my job and find employment elsewhere if it's that bad. Well, it's not that easy. I have been a City employee for many years and I have the right to stay here until I retire. I have earned the benefits! I am the only african american woman in my position and have filed complaint after complaint after complaint at all levels (even EEOC), and no one will believe me.

    Is there an attorney (or anyone!!!) with a heart who can give me some free advice on how to handle this work-related stress? It has gotten so bad that I am now having trouble sleeping and concentrating, my energy level is low, and my headaches are becoming more frequent. I am a newlywed and my kids are grown, so there is no doubt that my stress comes from work.

    I should mention that this is the same supervisor who caused my back injury 2 years ago, when he refused to get me some help in moving some heavy equipment. I lost 9 months of work, still in pain, and my case is still open (I have an attorney).

    Please help me?

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    You have 2 options: 1) quit and be happy, 2) stay and be miserable.

    I don't know any attorney that would be willing to do much for a goverment employee who has not been fired, unless you want to pay by the hour (these cases just don't generate a lot of money, unfortunately).

    You have the right to stay there. You also have the right to find a job that makes you happy. You just have to decide which is worth more to you.
    Megan E. Ross, Esq.
    Law Offices of Michael Tracy

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