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Kansas unpaid overnight sleeping

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  • Kansas unpaid overnight sleeping

    I work for a state youth care facility that pays it's houseparent employees and hourly wage with scheduled overtime. In addition to the overtime, we are forced to spend the night at the facility to be in compliance with state ratios or houseparent to resident. We are forced to clock out for the eight hour period of sleep time, but forced to stay on the premises. Is this legal? We have asked repeatedly with no answer. We recently tried to change to only 8 hour days instead of 52 hour blocks without breaks, but we were denied.

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    According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) guidelines on residential-care facilities, non-exempt employees must be compensated for any time that they perform activities required or permitted by the employer.

    -Employees working tours of duty of less than 24 hours must be paid for sleep time. Certain special conditions apply to employees residing on the premises for extended periods of time and their relief workers which may allow the employers to deduct up to 8 hours of sleep time per day in some cases.

    -Employees required or permitted to perform duties during normal "off duty" time must be compensated.

    -Employees must be paid for attendance at staff meetings and most training programs.

    -Family members (husband and wife, for example) who work together must each receive proper compensation for the hours he/she worked.

    For additional information, visit the Wage-Hour website:

    Or call the Wage-Hour toll-free information and helpline, available from 8am - 5 pm, at 1-866-4USWAGE (1-866-487-9243).