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    My question is pertaining to lunch hour: I am a Managing Calendar Clerk on a annually salary and yet I punch a time clock every day I was told I have an hour lunch and (2) two (15) fifteen minute breaks I which I have never taken a break since the day I started I get into work earlier then I am suppose to and I work past my time at night and yet everyday they ask me if I am going to eat at my desk. Now they tell me my lunch hour is at 1 pm which isnít always a good time for me regarding with my work that I do. So if I leave anytime after that I am only aloud to have lunch from the time I leave till 2 even if it is at 1:45.

    Please tell me what are my legal rights as far as my lunch hour?.

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    Lunch Break

    What state do you live in? Regulations vary from state to state.


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      mandatory lunch break

      I Work In New Jersey, I Would Like To Know If There Is A Mandatory Law
      That States A Person Has To Take A Lunch Break, Also Is There A Limit To
      Overtime A Employer Can Force A Person To Work.
      > Thank You