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Piece-rate wages?

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  • Piece-rate wages?

    I was told today that my hourly wage is based on the piece-rate wage system. I work on specific jobs that have budgeted hours associated with them. For example, my 2-man crew may work on and complete 2, 3 or more jobs in one week (pay period). One job may have a total of 30 hours for labor, one may have 20 labor hours and one may have a total of 40 hours for labor. If we both work for a combined total of more than the 40 hours per man in a week, during the week, we are not paid for time and a half for hours in excess of 40 because we are told that the jobs are based on production straight labor hours and does not include overtime (piece-rate). So, we would get in this example 45 hours paid as straight hours each because they were from working different jobs instead of 40 regular hours and 5 overtime hours.

    Is this right? Is this legal?? Please help me understand things here in Florida!