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Is there a law as to when someone should receive their first paycheck (Ohio)?

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  • Is there a law as to when someone should receive their first paycheck (Ohio)?

    A friend started work at a well-known university in Ohio. I won't go into the hoary details, but to give you a taste of the mismangement in the human resources department, my friend was hired in mid-April. Human resources couldn't get things together in time for her to begin work on May 10th. She eventually started as a temp on June 2 while the human resources department processes her paperwork in order to make her a part-time employee.

    This paperwork should only take until August or September to complete, she was told.

    As such, she is NOT being paid her hired wage, but $1 less per hour.

    And, as of today, she has not received her first paycheck. In fact, there is a chance she will not receive a paycheck on July 15, the next expected pay date.

    If so, she will not receive her first paycheck until July 30th -- TWO MONTHS after she started.

    It seems to me there should be a law that prevents this. And, if so, could someone point me in the right direction of finding this law so that I may pass it on to her and she might pass it on to her human resources department?


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    Most if not all States do have minimum pay frequency statutes. I've never seen one that didn't require that employees be paid no less frequently than once a month. Many require pay freqency of no less than semi-monthly.

    I can't tell you what Ohio requires in particular but I suggest your friend contact Ohio's Department of Labor and inquire. I work in human resources and can tell you that it's absolutely absurd that it's taking this long for her first paycheck to be generated. I seriously doubt passing along a legal cite to human resources will make any difference. If they cared what the law requires (much less what their employees think), they'd have paid her months ago.

    Your friend (not you) needs to contact the DOL and lodge a complaint.


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      Thanks. I'll let my friend know.