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Unsure about CA exempt salary deductions

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  • Unsure about CA exempt salary deductions

    The CA company I work for will pay for 3 days of sick leave annually. I am an exempt salaried employee and have used my sick leave allocation. We are payed on a weekly basis but I am unsure if I have been paid correctly for the following absence - can you help clarify?

    Last week I came into work for 1 hour and then went home sick for the rest of the day, I was also absent for a second day. I worked the remainder of that week as normal.

    As an exempt employee should I have been paid for 4 days and had the one full day absence deducted (given that I have no sick time left), or should I get paid for the whole week? My employer has deducted me for both days absence and I am not sure they can do this as I thought exempt employees where paid for any day in which they worked (regardless of the amount of hours).

    Can anyone clarify?

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    You should have only been docked the one day, not the day in which you worked an hour.
    Lillian Connell

    Forum Moderator