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Money Deducted in Virginia

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  • Money Deducted in Virginia

    My 16 year old Sons employer deducted 86.00 from his check. The explanation on the check just said misc. No one from the bussiness will return my calls to explain this. It has been 2 weeks and they have not given me an explanation. He had to supply his own uniform and shoes so its not for any thing like that. What does the law say about unathorized deductions. Cindy in Va.

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    Unauthorized Questions

    First of all, as a former employer myself, make sure that your son makes these calls himself, rather than you doing it. It is better for his reputation with the employer himself and it can be illegal if an employer discusses certain activities with anyone other than employee in many cases (of course, since your son is a minor, the legality changes somewhat). In any case, it is a learning experience for him. Please understand, I have a teenage son myself. What I do is have him call, using a bullet point "script" that I give to him before he starts the call. I have found that once he uses the "bullet point script", he has the confidence to handle these types of things in the future himself.

    With that said, Virginia does not permit deductions from the employee's pay without his/her authorization, other than government required deductions. He may want to check on what he signed at the time of hire, how he completed the tax exemptions forms, etc.

    Your son may wish to contact the state ( and talk with them about what the state can do to help him.
    Lillian Connell

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