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Commission charge back from 2001 (CA)

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  • Commission charge back from 2001 (CA)

    The company I work for just charged me for (over) paid commission from the years 2001 & 2002 this month. So far there are 3 items that total $4500 to me from those years. How far can they go back?
    This is not a total audit, but rather specific items that they some how are able to find . It would seem fair if there were some items in the producers favor, but every item is in the favor of the company.
    Is this legal????????

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    I am not a lawyer and don't offer any legal advice.

    But HOW, can a company overpay you $4500 on 3 items? Did someone not notice, how could YOU not have noticed? Was this your fault or the companies? And, if this were a TOTAL audit how many other items would they find?
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      There are several hundred items on my statement each month. I do not check each one. The largest item of the three was $3500 and that paticular account usually was about 2-4k per month. So it would not have been a stand out item if I had noticed.
      The question was the timing of the charge back, it isn't unusual to have this happen 6 months after the policy period ends, but we are going back years here and that is what is troubling me.
      The other fact is that it is not a complete audit, only credit items. I don't doubt that the mistakes happened, only that the people who made them had no incentive to make them in the favor of the producers, so there should have been just as many in our favor and those are not on the radar screen.
      Is this legal?