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Travel time and Per diem issues in Oregon

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  • Macknpdx
    started a topic Travel time and Per diem issues in Oregon

    Travel time and Per diem issues in Oregon

    My work is setting up new policy that seems off to me. First they are saying that there will be a predetermined time for all travelling. Like going to Seattle they will only pay for 2 hours whereas sitting in traffis for an hour or so won't count. So regardless of accidents weather and construction we get a flat rate depending on destination. Next I was wondering about per diem. Is there a standard rate that companies have to abide by. If Anyone can get me some sources on these topics it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Pattymd
    Are you an exempt or nonexempt employee?

    I'm assuming you are nonexempt. Generally speaking, if your travel time to another job site is within your regularly scheduled work hours (even if not on a regularly scheduled work day), the employer must pay you for actual travel time. What do they propose to do if it takes you 3 hours; just pay you for 2 hours? That would be a violation of federal wage and hour law.

    Of course, if you are exempt, this is not an issue.

    Relative to per diem, the company can set any amount they wish. Or have a strictly reimburseable plan. Or none at all.

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