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Employer Reduced Hourly Rate on Last Paycheck - Illegal?

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  • Employer Reduced Hourly Rate on Last Paycheck - Illegal?

    Hello all.

    Here is my issue....

    I recently gave my two week notice to my employer. Two days after giving this notice I was told that I didn't need to come back and that they would mail me my last paycheck. When that paycheck got to me, I noticed that instead of my normal hourly rate of $15 per hour, I was paid at $5.15 per hour (minimum wage).

    Essentially, this work was performed the week BEFORE I gave my notice (we are paid one week behind). Is this legal to do? If not, what can I do to rectify the situation? I have not contacted the employer yet although it's obviously purposefull on there part. Help!

    I live in Minnesota, btw.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I cannot find the law at the moment, but I believe Minnesota is one of those states where you must be informed of a decrease in your rate before the work is done. Contact the state Dept. of Labor, Wage and Hour Division.
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