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  • pay differential

    In California if an employer offers a pay diffrential for individuals filling in extra shifts on a said day, do they also have to offer the pay differential to employees already scheduled to work that day? Currently my job is paying time and a half plus $2 an hour for people who "help out" on Sunday shifts but are not offering a pay differential for individuals who are already scheduled to work that day. I think this is very unfair and would like to have law to back up my claim that everyone who works Sunday should be given the same differential. Any advise or help is greatly appreciated.

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    Shift differentials are not required by any California or Federal law. It is completely up to the employer to whom and for what they pay shift differentials, as unfair as that may or may not be. However, they may be offering the extra pay as an incentive to get employees to work on their scheduled days off.
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