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Pay for two week notice

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  • Pay for two week notice

    I live in louisiana and was working for a refinery in the Baton Rouge area. I took a job starting 8-1-05 at another plant in the area. On 7-15-05 I gave the refinery a two week notice as a courtesy, when I gave the two week notice I was allowed to finish work that day but was told I could not come back. I could not start my new job until 8-1-05 so I have had a gap in pay.
    I was wondering if there was any regulation which could aid in being paid for the two weeks of which I was trying not to "burn a bridge", for had I known I would have worked until the day I started my new employment.


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    There is no law that states you have to be paid for the two weeks. You must be paid only if you actually work the hours.