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  • Norton

    Good Afternoon

    Could you please tell me if California looks at psycological harassment in the work palce as a workmans comp related issue or a harassment issue in the workplace. If it is considered a harassment issue how would it fall under the harassment laws of California? If it is a workmans comp issue how would it fall under the laws of workmans comp?


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    I do not believe any state currently looks at psychological harassment as an employment issue at all, unless it is associated with a discrimination/hostile environment (race, ethnic, religion, gender, sexual harassment, etc.), or in retailiation to an illegal act. Harassment as a tort in employment (not employment law) may be a possibility, or intentional infliction of emotional harm may be, but typically, from the little bit I've heard so far, must be quite extreeme. I hit a web site that discussed a bill in CA to include "workplace bullying" in employment law that people were hoping to get passed at some point. I can't remember where I saw that web site, but I think there is one that may link to it at It's a place in CA that is currently researching the effects of sychological harassment in the workplace.
    Currently there is no known employment law against being a jerk. But there are situations that make you think there should be!