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Retroactive wages

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  • Retroactive wages

    I am in Florida and work for a NJ-based company. I was due for an evaluation in November of 2004. From that time to the present, however, by company has been undergoing a lot of changes with alot of major company restructuring. My manager at the time my eval was due, did not make my eval a priority and let it go for months. My evaluation along with a few others kind of fell through the cracks. He is no longer in that position. For many months, nothing at all was done to address this.

    Finally, after much letter writing and calling to higher ups, etc., the new manager in charge had to rush through all these evaluations . This thing has just been a thorn in her side, and i dont think she wants to pay any retroactive pay. I do not have contract with this company, but the customary practice for myself and others with the same job, had always been that that they perform a yearly evaluation. As a matter of fact, it was never a question that I was due an evaluation in November, just seemed nobody made a point to get done. Also, I do know of at least one other employee having received retro before.

    After being sooo patient, i dont want to lose any retroactive pay I may be entitled to. Are there any laws to support my claim to retro pay for the increase I should have received back in November of 2004, when it should have been done?---(whew, sorry that was sooo long)

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    No Beatrice, lacking a contract no law supports retro pay. There is no federal or state laws that require employers to even provide pay increases.

    This is something that is managed through company policy and is just generally good business practice. Your best bet is to continue to appeal to it internally.

    Good luck,