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    I work for a county in California, in which we have a number of different work plans, i.e. 5-day 40-hour, 9-day 80-hour, or 4-day 40-hour. Currently within my unit, which is made up of mostly exempt employees, only two plans are used 5-day 40-hour, or 9-day 80-hour. Starting next week the manager has decided to make only the 9x80 employees sign-in and out each day. So non-exempt and exempt employees on 5x40 do not have to track their time, but the 9x80 non-exempt and exempt have to. Is this legal?

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    If the employees are nonexempt, they'd better track their time. FLSA regulations require it. As for exempt, although FLSA does not require time tracking, with most county and city governments, they are allowed to dock pay for a partial day that is not intermittent FMLA leave. If this is the case in your jurisidiction, they would be stupid not to track it for exempt also.
    BTW, I'm a payroll manager for a large city.
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      Thank you form your input.