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vacation office policy changes

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  • tkolshak
    started a topic vacation office policy changes

    vacation office policy changes

    Our company policy, in Florida, was that any vacation/sick time not used during that calendar year was rolled over to the next year. Some employees have been employed for a number of years and have accumulated a lot of time. If the time was not used it was never a problem and was rolled over to the next year. Our policy has also been changed to reflect accrued time as opposed to the amount given at the beginning of the year. Your total time is not accrued until the end of December. However, effectively immediately, our new company policy is that any time not used by the end of that calendar year which runs from January through December, will be lost. First, if your total time is not accrued until the end of your last paycheck, then how can you lose something you never received? Would the accrued system have to change? Also, if you do not use the time earned for vac or sick, do they have to pay you for any of the time earned or can it be lost completely? Thanks

  • Beth3
    You really need to ask your employer to explain their new vacation policy to you as I'm not really clear on what their policy is - re: "accrued time" vs "time given at the beginning of the year.

    Normally, vacation time is earned through months or years of service. You work a year and as of "X" date, you then are granted "X" amount of paid vacation time.

    What I can tell you for certain though is that Florida has no laws regarding vacation so your employer is pretty much free to do what they want.

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