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WAS a salaried employee

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  • frtrtmnt
    started a topic WAS a salaried employee

    WAS a salaried employee

    I am a supervisor/project manager for a business doing renovations and new construction. I have 2 full time people and 1 part time person that I supervise directly and several more that I keep a close I on when the Boss is away.I was salary but was told with my position that I have to be hourly due to some new law. Is this true? Thankyou for any help anyone may have .

  • LConnell
    Salaried Exempt Employee

    New regulations for the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was implemented in 2004. One of the impacts of the new regulations is to bring attention to the way that people are classified...exempt or non-exempt. In your case, your employer is now saying that you are non-exempt. The new impact of that (from a legal perspective) is that you will now be eligible for overtime. Of course, there may be other impacts that are determined by your company. Examples of that are if the company has different benefits for exempt vs. non-exempt employees.

    You can read more about what makes someone non-exempt by reading:

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