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Salaried Employee/Paid Time Off

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  • Salaried Employee/Paid Time Off

    I live live/work in North Carolina. My issue is, I gave my notice as Billing Manager as 2/3/2005. I was advised that I owed my company 42.36 hours of PTO. I questioned this because I worked 49 hours one week and 27 the next week and was given 13 days PTO. I was advised that since I was salaried and used PTO that was pro -rated I had to pay this back. I was also advised that when I worked 30 hours Mon-Thurs and 5 hours on Friday I had to use 5 hours of PTO because I did not work the full 8 hours. I'm confused about how salary works. Please help.

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    Salaried PTO

    If you used the PTO before it was accrued, your employer can require you to pay it back. Also, as a salaried employee, you do not get overtime. However, your employer can make up shortages of under 40 hours with any PTO benefit that you have. So, in the week you only worked 27 hours, they could take the remaining 13 hours from your PTO.
    Lillian Connell

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