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  • Piece Rate with Overtime Florida

    What are the laws for paying piece rate and overtime in Florida? The company I work for has a set rate they pay for each job. The way I understand it is as follows:

    "Employee A" works 45 hours and does (3) jobs at $350.00 each & (1) job at $400.00 for a total of $1,450.00

    $1,450.00 / 45 = $32.22 per hour

    Paycheck would be:

    45hrs X $32.22 = $1,449.90
    5hrs X $16.11 = $80.56
    Total $1,530.56

    My question is. Can Employee A be paid his hourly rate then add a bonus? Example below

    45hrs X $12.00 = $540.00
    5hrs X $6.00 = $30.00
    Subtotal $570.00
    Bonus $880.00
    Total $1,450.00

    My other question is, can the company change the set rate for each job? Meaning week 1 the job pays $350.00, week 2 they same job pays $310.00, week 3 the same job pays $375.00.

    Thank you in advance

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    If the bonus is based on the amount of work (non discretionary) done it would also have to flow into the overtime calculation and regular rate of pay. So your second example is slightly low because of that. I'm not going to recalculate it but your first example is correct for piece rate and overtime.

    The employer can choose to pay either the first way or the second way. As long as the employee knows before hand how they're getting paid. As to whether they can change the piece rates I would say that they again would have to do it before the person worked under that rate.