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Is it legal to do this in Illinois? Illinois

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  • Is it legal to do this in Illinois? Illinois

    I have a friend who worked in the company as a full-time worker. The employer is supposed to provide her insurance coverage because of the Obamacare forcement. Therefore, the employer make this offer to her, it required my friend to pay full amount of the insurance first, after that, she can reimbresh 80% of the insurance based on her reicept of the payment. Once her employer confirm this, her employer will release 80% of the insurance payment to her. But the way her employer does is only increased her hourly wage instead of reimbresh her actualy 80% of the insurance payment. In this way she have to paid tax of her 80% of the insurance. She's in Illinois right now. Is it legal to do this?

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    It isn't clear whether the Affordable Care Act even applies here. is a good source for more information for your friend.
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