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Another employee is tampering with my timesheet California

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  • Another employee is tampering with my timesheet California

    Good morning my name is Debbie. Sorry to be long-winded...I work at a retail establishment where there is one other employee besides myself. I had noticed over the last three weeks that my hours on my timesheet (excel document) seemed to have been changed. To confirm this, I took a cell phone photo last Saturday and when I came in on Tuesday my hours had been reduced by 2.
    I went into the excel document to "track changes" and found 9 different instances where my hours had been reduced by 1 or 2 hours. All of these instances happened on my days off and were noted in as changed in the excel document at the same time the other employee was working and had adjusted his own timecard. I have notified my employer and he spoke to the employee who denied it and said if he did do something it was a mistake but I have proof otherwise. Thoughts?

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    What is your ultimate goal here?
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Have you been getting paid for all hours worked/did your employer say he would pay you for all hrs. worked?
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        are both timesheets in the same spreadsheet? If so, it is possible that someone prior accidentally clicked on both tabs at the bottom so that when he changes his time it is also changing the other tab. I've done that before to print multiple tabs and forgotten to unclick and ended up with changes on another tab that I didn't expect and couldn't figure out (for a while) how they had been changed -- and I was the only one with access to the spreadsheet, so it had to be me.

        That said, if the other employee doesn't have the authority to change your timesheet, maybe suggest to your employer that your timesheets be separate documents and be password protected.

        In the end, you should let the employer know you are being underpaid and possibly print out the timesheet after you have made the last change and sign it, give the employer a copy and keep a copy. The employer should pay any wages owed and I would think they would want to figure out why the other employee is changing yours (by mistake, unintentional or intentional).

        Unless the other employee is the owner, I can see how he possibly did this unintentionally even multiple times if it is easy for you to access his and him to access yours. If he is the owner and making changes to not paying you, I suggest you track them and then make a wage claim with the state.