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Unpaid lunch but required to work Wyoming

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  • Unpaid lunch but required to work Wyoming

    I work for a small business that requires me to work form 7-330 pm. A half hour is taken out of my day for lunch. They do not require me to clock out and take it whenever I can. Most of the time I work alone over seeing the facility and helping any customers, answering phones, etc. I can not leave during my break and must be available during the whole time I'm at work. My question is this unpaid break legal? If it is not who do I contact to dispute these unpaid hours. I've worked for the company for a year and a half, will they be required to back pay me?

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    Your state is not my state, but the general answer would be to file a wage claim with state DOL. I am not familiar with WY state DOL (or whatever it is called), but this is how this situation is handled in most states. A small claims court action is a possibility in those states with no or useless state DOL. A federal wage claim with federal DOL is also possible but such a claim would be for minimum wage and/or overtime only.
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      Agree, file a wage claim with the Wyoming Dept. of Work Force Services:
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