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Working 24 hour shifts Indiana

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  • Working 24 hour shifts Indiana

    In Indiana is there a law that say that if I am to work a 24 hour shift that I must stay there during my sleep time. I am a medic and am assigned to a certain location. I am paid from 7a-11p but not from 11p-7a. I live in the community where I work. Can they make me stay there or can I leave since I am not getting paid for the 8 hours? Also can you clarify the law regarding the "sleep time"

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    Here's part of your questions, from the US DOL:

    An employee required to be on duty for 24 hours or more may agree with the employer to exclude from hours worked bona fide regularly scheduled sleeping periods of not more than 8 hours, provided adequate sleeping facilities are furnished by the employer and the employee can usually enjoy an uninterrupted night's sleep.
    If there are adequate sleeping facilities and you get your eight hours most of the time, the employer is within the law.
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