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Docking of one hour Wisconsin

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  • Docking of one hour Wisconsin

    I received a memo that states, if i miss a clock in or out for lunch i will be docked one hour, If i don't tell the powers that be by the end of the day. We use quickbooks for the time clock, and i know it says when your in or out. Some times you just clock in / out so fast you don't notice where your at. I have done some research but can't find the answer to this ?. Is it legal for this to happen. We are a small work force and everyone knows who's their and when. I work in Wisconsin. Any thoughts.

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    Under the law, you must be paid for all the time you worked and cannot be docked time for missing a punch. You can, however, be disciplined in a number of other ways.

    If they cannot tell what time you worked because of the missed punch, they can underestimate your hours until the situation is resolved. They can change your shift or your duties. They CAN legally require that you take paid time off to cover the time that is unclear due to the missed punch (the law only cares that you get paid, not which bucket the money comes from). They can suspend you. They can fire you. All for a missed punch.

    Additionally, no laws have been violated by their telling you they're going to dock you. The only violation is if they actually do dock you, and the end result is that you are not paid for all the time you worked.

    So my suggestion is that you not miss any punches. Problem solved.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Thank you. I work a marina as the head tech, and the only time i miss a punch is when i punch back in, as soon as i show my self behind the service counter i get plumped with ? from customers and employees and then get asked why I'm not punched in on a work order for that time. This whole system is very distracting, last year i only missed two punches. Thank you.