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  • USING EARNED PTO TIME South Carolina

    My question is this.
    I am a RN working at a private for profit hospital in South Carolina, as a staff RN(Registered Nurse.) Over the past 3 months when it is slow, the supervisors call 1 or 2 of the RN's OFF for a shift, (every shift) RN's work 12-14 hour shifts so that is 1/3 of a paycheck. When the supervisors call the employee off they will OFFER that RN a chance to put in a request to withdraw 14-15 hours from their PTO Time Bank. To cover the income they lost not being allowed to work that day. Their not forced to withdraw PTO hours, but that RN was hired As a full-time employee that has skills and a specialized license that makes their services valued at a min. Hourly pay rate. When this type of LABOR COST CUTTING is done to a RN, it cost that RN that days payroll income of roughly $300- $450 dollars plus it cost them another $350 they are being chorussed into withdrawing from their EARNED PTO time. Plus you lose the future day, you would have used it for when you needed a day off with pay. Total cost per day to the RN,= $1000 + dollars a day in income. And over the past 3 months that totals roughly $12,000 of stolen income from that RN.

    Definition of: PTO for persons not familiar with the acronym or word.
    { (PTO: Paid Time Off A part of the RN's hourly wages earned by the RN, the RN's earn roughly .8 hours of PTO per 12 hour shift.) Normally RN's are offered 2 chances a year to withdraw their earned PTO time from the PTO Time Bank.}

    The Nurses were hired as fulltime employees, and what the supervisors are saying and doing is this. First off, when the RN's were hired they are told they will never have more than 6 patients, most of the time 5, but sometime 6 patients. Well, over the past 3 months they have been stacking the RN's up with 7-8 patients each.
    Then the supervisors are rotating through the nurses calling them off. They say because of a 'low Census' they are calling you off for this shift, were not given a choice, were told to stay home. Then, instead of 3 nurses spliting 15-16 patients they are piling 7-8 patients on 2 RN's. Unless you have ever worked as a RN on a Med/Surg. Floor you can't understand, just how much, stacking 7-8 patients per nurse, diminishes the care a RN can administer their patients.
    Anyway, back to my question, PTO time is money that is Hard earned money by all RN's, it's purpose was designed to be a part of their hourly pay rate for the RN to use, WHEN THE RN DECIDED TO USE IT. This allows a RN to EARN & PAY THEIRSELF money for sick days, vacation pay, etc... NOT for the upper management to access it as a way to implement a slick TATIC that basicilly converts all of the RN's from Fulltime, to PartTime Employees and it 'Forces' the RN's use their PTO time to supplament their income every week. (To be clear, They dont FORCE THEM TO USE THEIR PTO, BUT, (1.) The RN's are not supposed to be able to have access to their PTO time bank but 2 times a year. (2.) This as a slick accounting trick that the hospital's upper management has come up with to drasticly cut their payroll expenses solely to pad their bonuses. The huge increase they are going to get by the combination of (A.) cutting their 1days pay, and (B.) depleting the employees PTO bank accounts of these RN's seems like it would be illegal for them to do? Can anyone tell me how the labor laws in South Carolina in regards to this question?

    The rest of this post is just my personal opinion, view, & feelings of what is being done to the RN's when they do this to them. It is not part of my question above unless you want to respond to it, thats fine by me.
    Personally I see this type of slimeball, slick, dirty, underhanded, Accounting trick only a heartless psychopathic criminal would concoct, as just another way for a "WELL TO DO" upper manager that is already making a FAT six digit income has used to STEAL another HUGE %percentage of the employees income. Everyone knows that the upper managers are given a monthly (Payroll) % percentage number that will cost them on labor. Their monthly, & yearly bonuses are based on, how much below that labor cost % percentage they can reduce their labor payroll by. A dirtball trick like "STEALING" EVERYONES PTO time & a full days pay,
    Will have a absoluty HUGE AFFECT on upper managements bonuses. The way their labor bonus is set up, is, based on a percentage number derived from that month last year, and last month. So for a person to reduce their payroll cost is extremely tough to do, but, they get paid that part of their bonus kind of like this. For every percentage % point their labor cost is cut below what the target number was set at. That managers bonus increases by a factor of 1% = 33%.+ 2% = 66%+ 3% = 100%+ above 3% = 3-400% + increase in that bonus, plus they get paid the maximum %'s on all their other bonus area objectives. So a manager that would have received their normal bonus of $40,000 that month, increases there bonus to $300,000 and all that CEO bonus money derived from figuring out away to steal all their employees built up PTO time. It should be a criminal act, that is punished by stern law. I see it as they are taking a full days income, & a full days PTO time BOTH. The RN has lost income from 2 different sources.

    In 1994 as a very minimal basic exchange for leasing my body & my licensed skills out to a employer that needed me to help maintain, or create profits for a company, (same as paying for the maintenance on their company equipment) they paid for the following things to help maintain each human and keep them healthy & happy because that company, when hiring a person. That person is turning their body and a percentage of their life over to that person to use the person to make them and their company profits. So as a basic minimum that company owes that human they hiring the following basic things. Maintaining 100% of the healthcare costs of that person, and their direct family. A insurance policy, that pays the persons family that employees income for 5 years minimum. If I die working at your company, not of my fault, it was your company that ended my income and life you owe my family for that, and disability coverage. A retirement matching ira 3-1 match, profit sharing. Paid time off. 2weeks vacation, & 18 sick days & 7 personal days paid. As a bonus a share or two of company stock each week in my check based on good Performance only. In 1993 the average person received all of that from 97% of American employers as a fair exchange for the time on earth that company want to use of that persons. That was all standard, now 97% of American employers of big corporations especially have slowly each year from 1993 till now, slowly stolen every benefit from humans that should be a standard exchange for using someones body & mind, and every penny of it has been converted into either BONUS, OR PROFIT for the top 1,2 or ,3% of all companies. Now all you get is a bare minimum wage. And if you wont accept a bare minimum wage, they would throw a person with a IQ of 160 out the door for a person with a IQ of 95 to do the job. They no longer see human beings as humans they are nothing but thief's, to employers. To them your only something that is taking profits from them in form of labor cost. If a machine can do it, your gone.

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