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being paid under AZ minium Wage Arizona

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  • being paid under AZ minium Wage Arizona

    When ever my employeer asks me to work from home he only pays me $5 per hr. When I work from the Office he pays me $9 per hr. I know that the minium wage for Az is $7.65 per hr. I would like to know how what I can do to correct this under payment for my work.

    Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

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    As of 2013 the minimum wage in Arizona is $7.80 per hour. There are a few exceptions if your employer is a small business grossing under $500,000 a year and not engaged in interstate commerce (but that is very rare).

    "If in any workweek the combined wages of an employee are less than the applicable minimum wage, the employer shall pay, in addition to sums already earned, no less than the difference between the amounts earned and the minimum wage as required under the Arizona Minimum Wage Act."

    Note the statement above. If you take your total pay and divide it by the # of hours worked, it must be at or above $7.80 per hour. So it is an average rate of pay. In your case, how many hours are you working at home at the lower rate compared to hours at the employer's location at the higher rate? If not very many, then I suspect you are still averaging at lest $7.80.

    If I do a quick calculation on your rates assuming a 40 hr/week schedule, if you worked 12 at home and 28 at the office for those rates, you would still be making minimum wage. If you worked more at home at the lower rate, it would be an issue.


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      I only work about a total of 20 to 25 hrs per week with about 6 to 10 of those from home.


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        You have to calculate hours worked vs pay on a weekly basis. The employer should have defined a workweek. A workweek is any 7 day, 24 hour per day week. And that workweek should stay consistent.

        So each week, you need to track hours worked at the location for $9/hour vs hours at home worked for $5/hour. Add up the total pay and divide by the total hours worked. Bring the minimum wage issue to your employer any week where you aren't making minimum overall. (And there were lots of scenarios with your latest post where you could easily be paid less than minimum if no one was watching, specially with minimum going up to $7.80 per hour)