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    We do not use time sheets, time clocks, etc. We only track time AWAY from work. Does the FLSA require that we use time sheets or a time tracking system?

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    FLSA makes the employer responsible for tracking hours worked for non-exempt hourly employees. If the employer fails to do so but the employee does keep a list and there is ever any type of wage claim, the employee will win due to the fact that they have documentation and the employer does not. For example, 18 months from now an employee claims to have worked an extra hour per day and wants overtime for 250+ hours. How is the employer going to prove the employee did NOT work that time if you aren't tracking time and having employees sign off on a weekly basis?

    There are many reasons other than just pay as to why it is important to track actual hours rather than time not worked. It's much easier for employees to "shave" time worked, etc.

    For exempt employees, there are also many reasons to know time worked, although pay is not usually one of them. And just to answer the queston not yet asked, asking exempt employees to clock in/out does NOT hurt the exemption.


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      If time away from work is tracked, then isn't time working tracked by default?


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        Not if the employee worked outside of the normal schedule. I assumed the OP meant time away from a normal schedule... Maybe it's because I do payroll for many hourly employees and it is so haphazard and no where near a "normal", but the only employees we have that we don't require timesheets from are the top 7-8 corp executives (all exempt). Every one else, even exempt employees, fill one out. For productivity reasons if nothing else. Just as we don't want employees stealing time, we also don't want burnout and/or working too much time.

        Because in the end, let's just say that we had misclassified an exempt (which we work really hard not to do). If we had to go back and calculate OT, how could you do that without work/time data? again it would fall back to the employee to state. I'd rather have hard data.

        I've also seen hours worked needed from exempts for lawsuit purposes.....who was working when for OSHA/WC purposes.....amongst other reasons.

        To me, it is just good business practice.


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          hr for me, I do payroll and I understand what you are saying. I guess the answer lies in what OP means in "time away from work". My company requires all employees except the owners to punch. Went over like a ton of bricks when I had to install a timeclock and explain it to the department heads.


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            I've had those bricks fall too..... I once tried to get the corp execs to clock in and out (the reasoning being they wanted other managers to do so and the reasons also applied to them). However, the corp execs only used the system for a very short period of time, but our managers don't know that!