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employer wont pay!! California

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  • employer wont pay!! California

    I work as a server for restaurant, when we work parties of 15 or more there is a %18-%20 gratuity add to bill. The party is informed of add on as tip out for wait staff. The owner will then split it with front and back of the house then add whatever amount he come up with to our paycheck.wait staff has numerous times asked to see a breakdown sheet of said tips but shown nothing.on my recent check I was not paid out for wedding party I served and when I asked owner said he hasn't received $ from party yet.(3weeks) this has happened more than once to other servers. Any help on what we can do would be great!
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    Hmmm. Do you have a union rep? If not, then I would think that asking for guidance from the local Califonia Workforce Service office might help.

    Another option is contact & as they might give you some direction.
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