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Employer forcing 9 hour workday California

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  • Employer forcing 9 hour workday California

    Hello Labor Law Talk,

    My employer is doing some odd things that I'm not sure it can actually do.

    First off, it has both salaried and hourly employees. Hourly employees were quoted a year's salary upon hiring, but can only achieve this yearly salary if they work the "expected" 9 hour day. Employees are told they are guaranteed 9 hours every day. However, lately managers/supervisors (salaried) have been making it a point to have their subordinates leave work at 7 or less hours. Citing a lack of work to perform, hourly employees are falling short of their salary quote. When an hourly employee calls in sick or requests vacation time, they are deducted 9 hours of PTO from their available pool.

    Salaried employees are expected to work a full 9 hour day for 45 hours per week. Anything less is frowned upon, but as of yet have not noticed any particular repercussions if someone that is salaried works less than 45 hours (ie: no deduction of pay or PTO). Anything over the 45 hour workweek is not considered overtime as they are salaried. So basically, working 70 hours in a week will yield the same pay as working the typical 45 hours (or less). When a salaried employee requests time off or is ill, they are deducted 9 hours from their available PTO pool.

    There's some other stuff the company is doing but I will start with this.

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    Based on what you posted, I don't see your employer doing anything illegal unless you have a binding employment contract to the contrary.
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