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DLSE1 form question California

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  • DLSE1 form question California

    im filling up DLSE1 form, im almost done, but there is one box that i dont know what to write on to, iits under GROSS WAGES CLAIMED, the one that says:
    At the rate of - per hour, day, week or month (specify)

    this is the link to the form:

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    You didn't give much information to go on, here, but here is my response. Also, you can always contact the DLSE with questions on the form.

    You're making a wage claim, and you were paid a certain amount but you should have been paid more.

    DLSE is asking you what you should have been paid. That is, what is the total number of hours you worked, what is the rate of pay you should have been paid for those hours, what you were actually paid, and the difference.

    First put in the dates you worked -- from when to when.

    Then, you need to break down the hours you worked into regular time, overtime, commissions, etc. Note the amount of time for each category separately.

    If you have your time records use those. If not, you will need to estimate to the best of your ability--not over estimating or under estimating.

    If you were paid overtime mark "yes."

    Now multiply your regular hours worked x your hourly rate.
    Multiply your overtime hours x 1.5 your hourly rate
    Add in any commission, vacation pay, etc.
    Put that total in the "gross amount claimed" box.
    Next box put in the amount you were actually paid.
    Subtract the amount you were actually paid from the gross amount claimed.
    That number is the amount you put in the "amount claimed" box.

    Put in an explanation if needed.

    You should keep copies of all the documents and information you used to fill this claim out.


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      the box encircled is the one in question, i dont know what that box means, i dont know what to write in it, please help