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supervisor stealing my hard earned tips Oregon

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  • supervisor stealing my hard earned tips Oregon

    So i am the only American female Housekeeper at a local Portland,or hotel,and i noticed i never get tips unless i beat the head housekeeper/supervisor. Into the room,kinda weird i thought so i set her up and she failed.what can i do about it?

    So can the head housekeeper legally get fired for stealing the tips?cause i set my head housekeeper up and ripped a dollar bill and left it in one of my rooms and just like i thought she strait took it,so i went to my manager and told her and she said it was against the rules for me to set her up like that..

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    Go higher.
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      Is there someone else you can talk to? Does the hotel happen to have a HR
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        Agreed with trying the other approaches first. If this fails, you might consider filing a wage claim with federal DOL. Under federal law (FLSA), with limited exceptions tips are legally the property of the employee. What you describe does not fall under the legal exceptions. The employers likely defense is the "liar, liar, pants on fire" defense. Basically saying there were not tips to be stolen, and that no theft took place.

        The employee needs to politely take to higher management as suggested. document the conversations at home. And if this fails, then a decision on a wage claim needs to be made.
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          i understand the liar,liar pants on fire excuse..but im so fed up with it,i mean im the one doing all the hard (very hard) work in each room,so im wondering what way i can prove that she is stealing all of the housekeepers tips?i am the only american h/k there and the others know and suspect shes aking the tips but it seems like im the only one who is not going to settle for it and let it continue to happen..suggestions please...


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            See the prior responses. Go higher. But be ready to lose your job for accusing a supervisor of theft, even if you're 100% correct.

            "h/k" ?
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              When I say h/k it's short for housekeeper,but yea I understand accusing someone of theft isnt ok,but also on the other hand taking my tips isnt ok..I'm so fed up about it,the head housekeeper gets her full 8 hours daily and makes $9.50 an hour as I make $8.50 and sometimes barely get 5 and a half hours,and I bust my butt cleaning the room in 20min ''NOT HER'' she just runs around the hotel telling us what to do and how fast to do it (while stealing our tips) and to me its not ok,hotel housekeeping is a low barrel job I know that trust me,but we work our behinds off for min wage and so when I get to a room and see a tip,it feels so awesome,but to know the head housekeepers taking the tips that were left for me irritates me 'beyond belief' so like I said I put a tip in one of my rooms that she hadnt went in yet,and ripped a dollar bill a little bit in the corner,then placed it on the pillow and left the room,she went and took it 'like she does in every room,everyday' and im so sick and tired of it..


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                what is a wage claim?


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                  A formal complaint against the employer for unpaid wages.
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                    Patty, how would she estimate what she lost in tips? Many people don't tip housekeeping so other than the $1 she herself placed in the room what is her proof?


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                      Agree with HRinMA. I'll confess to the fact that I never tip housekeeping when I stay at a hotel. Maybe I should, but I never thought about it. Besides, is the same housekeeper always cleaning the same room. I've stayed in hotels where the housekeeper places a name card on the endtable everyday and everyday it is a different name. Am I supposed to tip them all?


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                        dIts up to you if you want to tip a housekeeper,lots of people do (not that i get the tips) but then alot of people don't, but i understand that yea i don't have proof,that's why i am trying to figure out how. To prove yesterday (as scared as i was) i asked her nicely 'when you get into our rooms and you see tips,do you give them to us"?she played the ""I don't understand what you saying responce,so in my. Broken spanish i told her how weird it is that i only get tips when she hasn't entered the room,and was wondering why i never get tips after she has already been in the room?and she blew the heck up on me,then ran to the office, then about ten mins later my my main boss came


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                          You tried to talk to her about it and she blew up and went to management. Now that she knows that you know, she is not happy about that. She may be so unhappy that she may try to get you fired.

                          In a sane world, you should be able to go to management and tell them exactly what happened when you talked with her (no extra emotion, no additional accusations). You also should be able to tell them exactly what you have observed. Not what you think happened, but what you actually observed, with no added emotion, no added speculation.

                          If you don't feel this is the way to handle this situation, contact the BOLI per the link in PattyMD's earlier response and let them investigate.

                          In any case, do not quit. Start looking for another job -- you don't need a boss who steals your tips. If you are fired you should apply for UI benefits.

                          By the way, I always tip housekeeping. I know they work hard!

                          Good luck.
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                            ''Continued from previous post'' so then the boss came and called me to the office,i walk in the there she is hysterical crying,so i sit down and tell the main boss all i was doing was asking her a question,then she buts in and says "no you say i steal a you tips" and i say no i just asked you why it is that every time you get into a room before me there has never been a t8p,i didn't accuse you,i just asked you a simple question,and she carrys on saying I'm accusing her of being a thief ect..then my boss says she understands i wasn't accusing her but the way i asked the question just came across the wrong way,so then me being the mature young lady that i am,i end the conversation by apologizing and then she doesn't respond so i apologize a second time saying if you took it the wrong way that's my bad,will you accept my apology?and she just stares at me for. A second or two then shakes her head 'mo's and gets up and walks away,so then my boss says ok I'm glad this is settled and i said oh its not settled cause if it was she would of accepted my apology and she didn't, and i said now i know she's going to retaliate..and my boss didn't say nothing at all.then when i walked out of the office all the other housekeepers were quietly giving me a thumbs up for actually trying to address the situation.what a joke right..i just hope i don't get fired,this is my first job and i just don't know how to handle this kind ofsituation other than be as nice as i can so no one gets mad at me, idk its n


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                              I meant to end that with''its bad enough I'm the only one of the housekeepers who doesn't speak Spanish,and they don't speak I'm already the outcast..