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Unpaid wage dispute .... North Carolina

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  • Techguy
    started a topic Unpaid wage dispute .... North Carolina

    Unpaid wage dispute .... North Carolina

    I recently resigned from my position, I was paid for a full year at a flat salary (exempt) from ot. One of our employees disputed the exempt and was paid for his overtime due to us not meeting the criteria to be ecempt, then we were put on hourly. I was not reimbursed for my year of ot while being paid salary, This was 4 years ago and the last 4 years I have been required to take on call once a month thru the weekend, company policy states to be paid 4 hours of ot.... I never got this pay... What is the statute of limitations to the wage dispute? I'm without a doubt due the hours, also is NC a state to request 3x the amount due?
    Thank you

  • Pattymd
    Federal SOL is two years, three if the violation was deemed willful. I couldn't find the state SOL on their website, but I don't know of any state where the SOL is longer than federal. I would start with the state first, however. A private law suit is also an option for time outside the SOL.

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