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    My company began bouncing checks and not having the money to pay me starting last June. I worked for them until October when I was not laid off or fired, but my job simply vanished. They currently owe me over $5200 and I have not been paid since June. To complicate matters my boss is also my neighbor who I am on good terms with. The company has changed names and restructured. I have gotten many assurances I will be paid, but so far have gotten nothing other than an expense reimbursement they owed me that bounced on the first submission and cost me an additional $60 in bounce fees. It did clear the second time. Each time the excuse for not being paid is different. At first I was very understanding and patient, but it has gone on long enough and my patience has worn thin. What are my options for making them pay the money that they owe? I have several documents that show they know they owe me the money and I had to complete a justification of my hours at the end of November as well that my boss agreed was accurate. Also how long do I have before I am unable to force them to pay?

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    Info on filing a wage claim Colorado:
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