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Massachusetts State employee wages Massachusetts

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  • Massachusetts State employee wages Massachusetts

    My wife recently began working for the state (30 days ago) at a university.
    She is being told by other employees that it took as long as 3 months to receive their first checks. Her supervisor told her that if the paperwork was in on time (supplied during her first week) that it will be several weeks. She turned in her paperwork in the timeframe requested. They gave her a check yesterday for a few hundred dollars (an even number) without providing a breakdown of wages. She was told this is to hold you over until your check comes.
    How can this be legal? I manage several companies and as i understand it the employee is to receive wages within 7 days of the pay period close.
    She was told upon hire it is a bi-weekly position and no where is it written that there will be a 30-60-90 day period before wages are paid?
    Seems odd.

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    And may be illegal, not just odd. However, some states have specifically exempted state employees from a number of wage and hour laws. You can inquire of the Attorney General's office, which serves as the Dept. of Labor in your state, to see if this is true in this case.

    And even if it isn't illegal, it's unbelieveably poor management of the process.
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