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Requesting a copy of a lost paycheck- Connecticut

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  • Requesting a copy of a lost paycheck- Connecticut

    I quit (without a two weeks notice due to a family emergency) a job as an Admin Asst at a law firm. I received my last paycheck that day (as I quit on a payday). However, in the commotion of my family emergency, I lost the check before depositing it (same day). I immediately notified the employer and asked that he reprint/send the aforementioned check to a provided mailing address. He agreed. This was in late Oct. By Thanksgiving week, I had not received or heard about the re-disbursement of that check, even after several attempts of contact were made by me. Finally, I got through at which time the Attorney apologized and said he'd get it out that week. He also agreed to send me an email and/or text when he sent the check out. However, I have still not received my last check. In my recent attempts to contact him over the past two weeks, he's been ignoring my calls, texts and e-mails. What action can I take to receive this payment? What legal rights do I have in this matter?

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    Your state is not my state. I can give you the general answer, but not one specific to your state.

    Send your employer a short, polite letter via certified mail asking for your check. You need to be able to prove that not only did they receive the letter, but that you have exhasted all reasonable methods of recourse. This action, coupled with what else you have said, accomplishes this.

    Plus, if the employer is not a complete idiot, they will recognize the certified letter as the last step prior to filing a wage claim. Sending emails, making phone calls and such means that the employee is ineffective and can be safely ignored by a bent employer. Sending a short, polite certified mail request means pending court or administrative action.

    Assuming that this does not work, in about 10 days file a wage claim with CT DOL (or whatever they call it).
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