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flat rate pay under bid or unfair envirement to work in Minnesota

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  • flat rate pay under bid or unfair envirement to work in Minnesota

    I am a 20 years in the industry diesel mechanic. There has always been an issue with charge out time. We got a new guy to answer the phone and he also dishes out the work. We have always been a paid by the hr. Lately hes been biding out jobs that seem like if all goes good - no problem until yesterday. I was given a job to replace cross members in a trailer floor that started out inside the shop . The next day it got pulled outside and no room to work inside . Im forced to do this repair in 20 degree temp in the dark cuz nite shift and still expect me to do this flat rate time. I eneded up working yesterday for free

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    I'm not sure what exactly you're asking, but under federal law, as long as your gross pay for the workweek, when divided by your hours worked, equals at least minimum wage, there is no violation of the FLSA.

    The fairness or unfairness of assigning jobs is not addressed by law.
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      management bids a job that takes 10 hrs to do . In side the shop is most desired to do the work and make flet rate time. Im given it to do outside in the dark and still required to make that flat rate time .


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        We have never been a flat rate pay shop in the past. Shouldnt i get paid for hrs worked? I had to drill 200 holes with an air drill - note its 20 degrees outside and drill freezes up


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          Flat rate is the job is paid a preset # of hours. If you finish sooner and can get another job then it is better for you. If it takes you longer then you lose out.

          Work conditions do not figure in the flat rate hours. Usually flat rate is set by the car line.

          As Patty stated, take total gross pay, divide it by hours worked. As long as that is minimum wage there is no legal requirement to pay more.

          I did HR for a multi-line car dealership and have experience with your type of complaints. My only suggestion is to try and be friendly with whoever is doling out the jobs to get better ones which are done in the shop.