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stopping salary pay California

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  • stopping salary pay California

    my boyfriend works as a taekwondo instructor and his boss has told him that they might have to stop paying him his salary pay that he gets every friday due to the gym not being able to make enough money to pay him i guess. we are lost as to what we do from here. can his boss just expect him to still work there without getting paid?? is that even legal?? what can we do??

    thank you

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    The employee needs to be paid at least $8/hr for all hours worked. This is black letter law. All hours worked may or may not include hours spent "hanging around" the business. If the employer orders the employee to stay on the premises, that is hours work. If the employee chooses to stay on the premises but is not actually working, that is not hours worked. There obvious is a risk of the employee saying one thing and the employer saying something very different in such situations.

    1. If the employee is not being paid at least minimum wage for all hours worked, the employee should file a wage claim with CA-DLSE.

    2. The only long term solution to a bad employer is to find another job with a reputable employer. Whatever else the employee chooses to do, the employee should start looking for another job NOW.
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      If it becomes necessary to file a wage claim:
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