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4 weeks behind in pay... Maryland

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  • 4 weeks behind in pay... Maryland

    I have a question.

    Right now my employer is 4 weeks behind in pay. I'm owed $2700 (before taxes).
    If I quit, can I still go to the Labor Board regarding money owed to me?

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    Probably, although you can equally file the wage claim without quitting. Your question seems to be trying making it sound like filing the wage claim is somehow related to you quitting. Legally it likely is not.

    1. Go ahead and file the wage claim.
    2. DO NOT QUIT, but do start looking for a new job with a different employer.
    3. Eventually (and eventually could be here today), file a UI claim. I am not familar with your state's rules and have no hard feel for when you should file.

    The key is if you quit for any reason (including not getting pay), you likely lose UI. Simple solution, do not quit. If you are fired for either filing the wage claim or looking for a new job, you likely do get UI. Plus if you can prove being fired for filing the wage claim, it is likely it is an illegal termination.
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