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    When I started working as a mechanic at this shop I was started hourly and was told I'd start out at a certain amount and after 90 days get bumped up a couple bucks. After 8 months I spoke up and finally got a 50 cent raise. Which I still wasn't making a lot but it was better than nothing. I also noticed that I was working from 8 am to 12 pm and then 1pm to 530 pm which equals out to 2.5 hours OT every week, however it never showed up on my check. I asked my supervisor about it and he claimed that the owner found some "loop hole" and didn't have to pay me for that. After some time I had some money saved up I agreed to start a land contract on a house from my grandparents. The same week I agreed to the land contract my employer told me beginning next week we would be changing to Flat Rate. My pay went up to $13 an hour with no commission. I am the lowest paid in the shop and I understand I am the youngest and do not have as much experience but when I am a legal citizen and one of my coworkers is not it infuriates me. I also do any and all heavy work varying from simple brake jobs to full engine swaps, trans swaps, and engine rebuilds. I struggle to get over 30hrs a week and usually its 30hrs even. Is there anything I can do aside try and find? I'm afraid if I get fired I won't be able to get another job and that they will refuse to pay unemployment. I've been there for about a year and a half.

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    There is an exemption under the FSLA for auto technicians who work at a dealership. This may be the exemption your manager is speaking of.

    How do you know your coworker is not authorized to work in the US? Even if he is not authorized to work in the US; his rate of pay has no bearing on yours.

    I am surprised to hear you complain about doing the heavy jobs. Those are usually the ones that pay the most. If you can get them done before the flat rate you are being paid then you can go onto another job and thereby raise your hours. In the shops I know, the new kids always get the small jobs that pay .2 or .3 hours, not something like an engine rebuild.

    Being the youngest should not matter but having the least experience does. Why do you think you should make the same hourly rate as the more experienced techs? Are you certified or have you undergone schooling?

    Companies don't refuse unemployment. The state makes the decision. Whether you would get unemployment if you get fired would depend on the circumstances of your termination.