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Unequal and unfair dispatching to commision payed employees

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  • Unequal and unfair dispatching to commision payed employees

    My question reguards dispatcher favoritism. As a commision paid or "flat-rate" employee (auto technician) is their any laws out their to protect me from favoritism in the shop with the way work is dispatched to technicians?
    At the car dealerchip where I work at in Texas the dispatching technician is dispatching himself all the "gravy" work which pays more, leaving the lesser paying jobs for me and the other technician on the team.
    This week for example I worked 5 days completing 18 vehicles paying me a total of 28 flag hours. The dispatching technician (who was off Monday) worked 4 days, completed 9 vehicles and finished the week with 41 flag hours. This is usualy how each week ends up. I will work my butt off completing more vehicles with somehow less total flag hours for the week. If you do the math each ticket that he dispatches to himself averages signifigantly more flag hours than what he dispatches out to me.
    Technician skill level is not a factor in the way that tickets are dispatched out as I am a Master Certified technician with 10 years experiance and once a dispatcher too for this dealership (untill my service advisor was terminated and I was moved to this team). I am comparable in skill level and experiance with the dispatching technician, both of us among the leading technicians in the shop in skill level and quality of work.

    Is there any type of law that protects commision/flag hour payed employees who are not given the same oportunities as others to make money. Technicians make money by completing as much work as possible in one week. What is there that I can do when the oportunity to make more money is taken away by a dispatcher taking for himself any ticket with a potential to pay more?

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    Sorry, no, there is no such law, unless you are being treated unfairly solely because of a Title VII protected characteristic, such as age, gender, religion, national origin, etc.

    Perhaps you can speak to the general manager of the facility.
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      thank you very much.