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Is this legal? Virginia

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  • Is this legal? Virginia

    I work regular shifts throughout the week and weekend all night shifts, but I also have to go into work 5-6 days a week for 15 minutes from 6am-6:15am. I have to drive to the site and open a store which takes 25 minutes to drive to and 25 minutes to drive home and I receive only .25 hours for my time sheet each time I open this store. I've been threatened to be fired if I don't open the store, even when I'm not scheduled and someone else is they expect me to get up and do it. Should I at least be earning an hour worth of pay? Please help!

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    Sorry, but Virginia is not one of the very few states that has a minimum reporting time law.

    Should you get at least an hour of pay? Personally, I think so. But must you, under the law? No.
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