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Part-Time working Full time Illinois

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  • Part-Time working Full time Illinois

    A co-worker has been working 40ish hours at our company for a while now, but is still listed as part time. In the past when this has gone on people have gotten promoted to full time because they worked 40ish hours for to long of a period. Just wondering how long he has to work to get the forced promotion to full time status.

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    Up to the company. Your state does not define what is "part-time" and what is "full-time".

    Now, having said that, if you are looking at benefits, you would need to look at the eligibility for each plan (and they all could be different).
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      Agreed. Start with the employer provided medical plans and any retirement plans (including 401(k)). Those are both covered by a federal law called ERISA. Violate that law even a little bit and the government will come over with a big stick and hurt you. Badly. With ERISA level benefits, follow the plan(s) to the letter or face horrific consequences.

      Other benefits are not necessarily nothing, but the potential risk is orders of magnitude less.
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