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Prevailing Wage Arizona

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  • Prevailing Wage Arizona

    I am curious to know if the employer has to meet the min wage requirements from time to time. Let's say an employee starts with the min wage of $X/year in 2005 and never got an increment and is still making $x/year, but the min wage according to the state currently is more than $x/year. Is the employer mandated to pay the current min wage and keep meeting the min wage requirement as it keeps changing?

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    Yes! The employer must update to the new minimum wage on the day it becomes effective.


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      Agreed, although I am uncomfortable about the "x/year" notation. Minimum wage is always an hourly rate and always calculated on a workweek basis. When the OP talks about "x/year", I am concerned that they are talking about something other then minimum wage.

      Past that, the title mentioned "prevailing wage", which legally is not the same thing as minimum wage. Again, I am not sure that we understand just what the OP is talking about.
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