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CA - Pay Deduction for owed bill to employer

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  • CA - Pay Deduction for owed bill to employer

    My wife worked for a Dentist. We used his services during an emergency. We received an invoice $140, with a discount which made the balance due $35. We paid this balance. Then he felt that he undercharged us and wanted us to pay another $90. Since the bill was paid in full, we refused. Now that she quit, he withheld $70, claiming that this was for the bill. We never stated that he could take out any money. What can we do?

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    Withholding Pay

    This is absolutely illegal in the state of California. Your wife should file a wage claim. The procedure to file a claim may be found at:

    The following link is to the California state website that explains that this is illegal.
    Lillian Connell

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